Egy az Isten - Hun Magyar rovásírás

God - Ige - Joo - Yo

Our universe - Our Planet Earth - God Plan

Esoteric Tales One Time was, one Time was not

Esoteric Tales about God and our Universe

This is a version the ancient Magyar = Hun = Scythian (Skita - Szittya)


The 4 before existing Force names in old Sanskrit and Hun grammatical

4 meg nem nyilvánult erő

 Abhava अभाव  = Before manifest = meg nem nyilvánult erő

Praga प्रग = Preceding Force = első erő = Forgó erő

Pradhvamsa प्रध्वंस = Utter Destruction = anyag megsemmisítő erő

Atianta अत्यन्त = Perfect or Absolute Force = apai teremtő tökéletes erő = At Atya isten

Anyoanya अन्योन्य = Reciprocal Force = Fordított erő = anyai erő = Anyóka

Before the physical beginning

God create:

In the Beginning = TIME

The Heavens = SPACE

The earth = Matter

The creation of Time, Pace and Matter.


In this state God was modelling again, again and again... the possibility of Universe before com reality!

And the earth was form and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering upon the face of the waters.

After this:


In the beginning was the Word (Ige, Yo, Jó or Joo "Hungarian"), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

(Word=Ige Definition of Word: Action, occurrence, existence, change of state verbs expressing. Word like verb. Verb from the Latin verbum meaning word.  magyar: Az Ige meghatározása: cselekvést, történést, létezést, állapotváltozást kifejező ige )


In the Mind has creating all Beings, in all Time. The illusion in Time begin.


For to learn for all Beings God was create difference of Manifested Universe and Dimensions. Dimension = Relative vibration of Time.

From the Word it was 7 Universe days.

1 Universe days is about 4.32 billion or milliard Earth year! (4 320 000 000 days)

Our universe we live in "Milky Way" we call "Hadak Útja" Road of the Warriors. Hun-Scythian old teaching we has told only in Milky Way Galaxy has 800 000 000 planet with high intelligent life form. Mean: Human, hybrid (human and god level being mix like us in Earth), another intelligent form not human,  and God Level Spirits planets.

Our planet like an others hundreds God made for developing Souls to learn. The Sun system a separated system from the Universe. Sun system has an aura we call it Terembura. So what we see from universe like you look it in welding glass! Earth was destroy and creating the all life about 6 times.

Nasa Terembura Shock wave bubble problem

Nasa Terembura Shock wave bubble problem

This still shows the locations of Voyager 1 & 2 Voyager 1 is travelling faster, reaching the termination shock sooner. The dramatic orange border to the left represents the bow shock, a theoretical area created as interstellar gas runs into the solar atmosphere. The location of the termination shock, or the boundary into the area where interstellar gas and solar wind start to mix, Terembura has been a mystery to scientists because it moves with regard to the power of the solar wind.  Picture credit: NASA

Anyway Terembura can broken with bigger force!

Our Sun system control by the God Silver Army. Those God Soldiers has little bit bigger time and pace ship like you see usually here. And now you ask why they are not here make peace? The job is not that and they follow the God Plan. Here lot of Soul not learn the basic level. So here our planet is nobody origin, that is fanny because dummy people always look for life in space. Specially all Souls come from a difference birth planet.

The Moon of the store of the developing Souls, when they die. So going there must honour the world of death. The free Soul can live the close separated Sun system in the Stargate the Sun.

Milky Way = Road of the Warriors

What the structure of the universe really looks like, a 3-dimensional spider web of filaments stretching between galaxies (Image by NASA, ESA, and E. Hallman, University of Colorado, Boulder, via Wikimedia Commons)

The Universe Nearby
Credit & Copyright: 2MASS, T. H. Jarrett, J. Carpenter, & R. Hurt

Ordinary matter the Material, the stuff that ourselves, stars and galactic filaments are made from (what is not true all is just a Holly Spirit or Maya), is only 4.5% of the universe, but we also forget a difference of another dimensions in Time and a Wall all another reality.

Our Earth  
Your self