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What Magyar mean?

Esoteric Tales

Magyar is a name for people come from the over 24 Hun Blood Alliance. Also mean Mag a seed of plant  or Centrum.

Similar cultures: Magyar = Scythian = Hun = Han dynasty China = Szabis = Sabir = Sumerian = Szkita = Szittya= Sumer = Gog = Magog from bible = Turanian = Partus = Parthian = Medes = Chaldean


 If you looking for Huns some of them is those Magyars. Magyar people not really Race they are mixed blood line, but what is common is One God Believe, in fact a Knowledge of one God. Place they some of them live  for example is Hungary.

Hun also was Origin Christians from over 6000 years learning of Love for all leaving beans.  Magyar old history writing by lot of Táltos (Knowledge Keeper, Scientist, Shaman) they call Arvisura record goes back to 432000 years in Earth history.


 Arvisura = Book of the True (Arvishura)

Name come from Great (god level mind) women name Arvisura-Anyahita.

She was visiting Earth from Sirius Star Constellation form many times. Last time was visit here about 40000 years. After only she live the Shining bolls to see how  life goes here. You can see some video creating Crop Circle. Difference from Real and the Fakes Crop Circle is the real has no broken part of those plant. Also owners has a same rich harvest from her all field.

Writer: AKCS

Crop Circle Serpent God

The Serpent God

UFOs or Shining bolls making crop circles



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