Reiki is a Spirit tools. Learn more about Reiki. What is the real origin Usui Reiki Energy? From Attila view point
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Picture: Dr. Mikao Usui


What is the real origin Reiki Energy?


BudoUsui Reiki energy of Soul. It is the origin of one God energy. Came from an Enlighten man call Dr. Mikao Usui. Hungary we say when a country is big spiritual trouble like 1900 in Japan a Buddha the enlighten man born always to help. (correct is Buda like sport Budo or Buda-pest read BUDAPESHT) Those like Buda, Jesus or Usui. But like Hungary this time has a lot of enlighten people those remember the famous time, they all tell those teacher really was living a normal man life. They give the teaching and the bless to student like passing the healing energy basically side effect. Like Usui not was searching for healing just for reaching the enlighten level, the healing after just for he also was pricing experiment.

Why important the life Reiki Master linage from Usui!

Master to Master pass the enlighten energy! That right is important to learn Rei Ki from an origin Usui linage! Be sore you learn from origin Reiki Master, because he open your inside Soul World even the Rei Ki level one course. Because 98 % Rei-ki WEB site are not origin Usui, they are just for business and they take you to forest and deep! There is not manual for that believe me. Get it a good Usui Reiki manual is just scam. The fake Usui Reiki teachers pushing that they have a best manual, that is ridiculous I guaranty for you! I see day by day people asking the origin manual. The true is Usui Hikkei made for the basic level people. The real Soul inner world is your biggest manual in the universe! And that is what show you the origin teacher. Also your before life will be open later automatically, and you see the Universe all living being, things how really they are! Because you are inside you a God level being. You are meant to be rich God level being!

My Reiki lineage has two enlighten Master: My first Master Diana Magdolna Benedek also was a full clear voyage, the spirit world they call him Blue Angel. And Fanny look like lot of worldwide clear voyage write about him in they book. I have fortune know him in real life not from meditation! Another is Josef Rakonczay, how after an enlighten moment bring down to us the 4 elements meditation. Ones a Buddhist lineage student come from a forage country to Helsinki like he first do not believe I teach the origin of four elements and asking: you know 4 element is a really especial attunement goes back to famous teacher Hermes Trismegistos ancient teaching and those ways of Samurai also the Highest level Tibetan Buddhist teaching? I answer yes I know this is a creation secret, and some previous life I was one of them and smile.

Basic healing: Hands are placed over the body. Place your palms gently on the forehead, cupping your fingers lightly over the body. Take care not to constrict the recipient's breathing.

Soul DNA energy stamp in the physical aura

If energy flow strong can recreate the Soul DNA energy stamp, this make a quickly change of the physical body. Soul can store capacity about 5000 life, reincarnation data not the brain!  Of course the energy level must very strong. Also must have a very open receiver side, this some time need a 10-20 session to reach that level! Usually the patient feel that after for example the Healer the last session has more energy, that is not true. Just He/She feel that way because more open own energy channels!

Again: The Soul can store capacity about 5000 life, reincarnation data not the brain! And for the Dummies that right Egypt Mummification was remove, because all another body sell can store the soul energy. We are so dark time the some science doctor still believe the brain is the memory and functional place! Of course if the brain has damages, like a redactor - regulator not can contact whit a soul data basic! And that is not proof the brain is the hard disk! smile

A full Reiki self-treatment of origin Usui Reiki

The Rei Ki hand placements in this step-by-step pictorial are the same originally used Japan. The artwork was adapted from real photos of demonstrating Reiki hand positions. I have practiced daily Rei Ki self-treatment since I first learned to practice in 1994. A full Reiki self-treatment, I place my hands on these areas of my body, in this order: Crown of head, Face and eyes, Throat, Upper chest, Lower ribs, Navel, Lower abdomen, back of head and a body back side.

What is a Reiki massage? Rei Ki is not massage, but it can be combined with massage for Reiki healing. Rei Ki healing is the usage of spiritual energy to heal a person's aura or situation. See dr Mikao Usui Reiki Hikkei manual.

Japan massage therapist or Hungarian - smile

A Reiki massage targets the seven energy centres - chakras to help balance out the universal life force energy, and it is performed by an origin Usui Reiki Master who is highly trained in channelling the energy. Understand how a Rei Ki massage can help overall well-being with advice from a Japan massage therapist.

Reiki healing has a amazing result

Is true in the 20 year my Rei Ki healing has a amazing result and maybe that right I come some people call well-know healer in world wide. Fanny how many business man and woman come to Helsinki see my simple home to get healing or meditation! Of course some of the rich manager has a problem because they do not find a granite fountain in my simple room where I living and healing! I am very sorry I promise I working this out just wait for that! <ha-ha-ha> 

But and here is coming the famous but: My healing result was always back control with a real Doctor. And the doctor was after patient control for example: Western Medicine Doctor change a dose of insulin or in last stadium cancer Western Medicine Doctor change a dose of Morphine. And you asking why last stadium cancer need Reiki. Answer is simple reduces pain and the Soul can go back with more smoothly to origin God level. I send Rei Ki to distance healing many country has always a good result, but Diana my firs Usuireiki Master was expert for that.

Important any natural healer any time is not doctor! Only with Doctor diploma and registered doctor can make diagnosis and make any change!

Usui Reiki Master


Picture: That is an 2003 year photo I am older and fatter! And after this you still want come my Reiki course, you must have a fate or something like that! :) And people meditate lot of with Mikao Usui he has a fanny way to teach and show the energy level what we must reach! The Universe life is so rich, with a spirit of being and the spirit of Animals really amazing. Good to learn where you origin came from, because not one of the single man how living this time in the planet Earth come from here. I tell you now the True: Our Universe creator God can contact you and I am sore can any time create anything, also God has amazing humor! But girls not start with: God what you think what kind of dress I should wear tomorrow! :) And for those Clervoyance Students whos in Reiki meditation sesion what I give, is really not shoping time when you jump in the Supertmarket with meditation energy! :)m So just follow your inside intuition, will be show you the way. Also start learn Hungary root of all or I must say Scythian! :)


What is Reiki energy text by: Attila Kupi origin Traditional Mikao Usui Reiki Energy Master Teacher and massage therapist