Usui Reiki Hand Positions in body

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Before healing put your hand in gaso position.

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Usui Reiki energy of Soul. Hands are placed over the body. Place your palms gently on the forehead, cupping your fingers lightly over the body. Take care not to constrict the recipient's breathing.

If energy flow strong can recreate the Soul DNA energy stamp, this make a quickly change of the physical body. Soul can store capacity about 5000 life, reincarnation data not the brain!  Of course the energy level must very strong. Also must have a very open receiver side, this some time need a 10-20 session to reach that level! Usually the patient feel that after for example the Healer the last session has more energy, that is not true. Just He/She feel that way because more open own energy channels!

Physical DNA has an another dimensions DNA code also, that's right doctor not can coding physically for example mole or specification change in DNA, the can only cloning the origin. Must remember also forcing a soul any body is black magic, and this is not a good karma. But not must believe those will se after death what happening when they rich the World of Death good luck for that!


Soul can store capacity about 5000 life, reincarnation data not the brain! And for the Dummies that right Egypt Mummification was remove, because all another body sell can store the soul energy. We are so dark time the some science doctor still believe the brain is the memory and functional place! Of course if the brain has damages, like a redactor - regulator not can contact whit a soul data basic

The Reiki hand placements in this step-by-step pictorial are the same originally used Japan. The artwork was adapted from real photos of demonstrating Reiki hand positions. I have practiced daily Reiki self-treatment since I first learned to practice in 1994. A full Reiki self-treatment, I place my hands on these areas of my body, in this order: Crown of head, Face and eyes, Throat, Upper chest, Lower ribs, Navel, Lower abdomen, back of head and a body back side.

What is a Reiki massage? Reiki is not massage, but it can be combined with massage for Reiki healing. Reiki healing is the usage of spiritual energy to heal a person's aura or situation. See dr Mikao Usui Reiki Hikkei manual.

A Reiki massage targets the seven energy centres - chakras to help balance out the universal life force energy, and it is performed by a Reiki master who is highly trained in channelling the energy. Understand how a Reiki massage can help overall well-being with advice from a Japan massage therapist.

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Usui Reiki Hand Positions in body



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