The first Law of Universe

 First Law of the Universe

The first law of the Universe and one good example of it, from my own experiences.

Jesus has said, that the one who draws one's sword will fall on it.

Past life HU Past life story Hungarian  Conservation of energy Conservation of energy Finnish  Universe First LawUniverse First Law

Conservation of energy

It concerns almost everyone and can be understood as the law of the conservation of energy. With every action we change energy with our environment. We send energy from us, and  depending on space and time it comes back to us. The Hungarians Karma Law and Tibetans call this phenomenon Karma or universe first Law! So the word karma law itself doesn't mean anything negative, although it is usually mentioned with ominous cases. If something bad happens to someone, he/she immediately says that it happened because of the bad karma law. The truth is, in incarnation that we send energy, and it may take several lifetimes from this energy to come back to us. So the energy goes, collects the same “types” of friends and returns with them. Depending on if it is positive or negative, the result is good or bad. I think this simple example answers the question often asked from me, that what happens if some magician or healer uses his/her skills for some negative. I think a reasonable person won't use his talents to harm him/herself. Anyway I think there are not some many playing with energy.

Jesus has  said, that the one who draws one's sword will fall on it. This sentence is a typical example of karma law.

Because of the narrowing of the consciousness in the modern world, all this seems incomprehensible, although it's very simple and clear. Because the consequences of our actions are realized usually in the next life, some people may remark, that someone didn’t die of the consequences of his/ her actions. I myself have - through my own experiences of reincarnation  -  noticed the accuracy of this universe first law. I have attended several reincarnation courses and because of the subjective development of consciousness I have since 1997 developed the capability of spontaneously seeing pictures from my past or in personal meetings simply recognizing my relationship with another person in my previous life. Gazing the past in my present life I sometimes experience some comical moments. It is interesting to see change in some people, or on the contrary some fixed habits unchangeable.

Now back to the previous life. I had my first reincarnation course in March 1994 in Budapest Reiki Kuckó  (Reiki Corner). The course was led by Reiki master, Mr. László  Kássa, and we were about 20. Those parts of this story, which are connected to my other earlier lives, I experienced incarnation in other state of mind.

I was a soldier, a commander of a unit in the Roman Empire, and we were waiting for a battle to begin. It must have been somewhere in the old Germania, nowadays Germany. It is very interesting, that my commander and a close friend was my previous Reiki-master Diana, so we were good friends trough many lives. We would have liked to avoid bloodshed, but the decision hadn't yet been made. Everybody was waiting for the Emperor, who arrived suddenly and made everyone's blood freeze. The emperor was unpredictable and everyone was afraid of him because of his incalculable fits of fury, which usually ended by the death of their maker. We headed to the commander's tent because we were asked to, but because I was lower in my order of rank, I had to stay outside. Soon the command arrived:  we were going to attack, the Emperor wasn’t willing for any kind of compromise. When leaving we argued about our chances in the battle.

In the next picture I found myself in the middle of a horrible bloodshed facing an about 2 meter high barbarian. I got scared of the vast raw strength and anger. He had a huge battle-axe in his right hand and a leather shield in the other, but because of my professional fighting skills I soon finished with him. I myself was also very surprised. The truth is that our mercenary troops were full of very experienced soldiers, while the barbarians were only enthusiastic and couldn't cope with world's best trained soldiers.

In the next picture I'm on a hillside after a battle and the soldiers are collecting the wounded and killing those who couldn't be saved. The wounded prisoners were worthless for the slave traders. This seems horrible to us, but it was the way things were handled at that time. I saw masses of corpses lying as far as my eyes could see. Feeling very empty inside I walked to the hilltop. At that moment I decided to go back to politics, if possible. It is a wonder that it finally succeeded. I had a lovely wife somewhere south of Rome and we had a beautiful daughter. It is interesting that my wife was my ex-wife in my present life. It is quite rare or maybe fortuitous. Many people think there are no fortuitous things but here we have them anyway. My wife in this previous life died in pneumonia and I was already alone in our daughter's wedding. I wasn't totally happy because of the marriage. My daughter's husband was a patrician – although from a rich family – but I simply didn't like bureaucrats. This patrician is now nowadays also a typical aristocrat.

The filmmakers in Hollywood must have plenty of memories from their past lives or get the story from who has the experience of past life incarnation.

For example the film Gladiator, which we saw in cinemas in 2000 has an opening scene – 5-10 minutes battle – which seems very real. No matter if the director is aware of that or not, the film is

 - thanks to a excellent computer technology – a great film full of outstanding effects and reflects  truthfully the feelings of  that time. Another masterpiece telling us about the days of Jesus and worth reading is Quo Vadis Domine?  Where you go my Lord?  

During one reincarnation meditation, which took place later, I saw myself in the middle ages. I was again a soldier, now in Spain and had a farm somewhere in the border district. I saw myself riding a long way home. The interesting thing in this is that in my present life I can´t ride. Those of you who have already experienced this kind of a deep meditation know how real these feelings can be.

In the next picture I was on a mountain peak waiting for the enemy to disappear. I think it might have been a Spanish civil war. We all had light armors and in the next picture I am fighting down in the canyon against a soldier with a suit of armor. At that same moment my leg slipped or I stumbled on something. I fell on to my knees which gave the enemy the possibility to stick me from above and through the joints of my armor -  his sword stack me somewhere near my stomach. At the time of my death I saw this soldier changing into that barbarian, who I killed about 1500 years earlier in Germania. I could almost hear Jesus famous words about the one who draws one's sword.

Conservation of Energy. So it is really totally different thing to hear about these things than to experience them.

This text is based on my original experiences and  text by:  Attila Kupi Reiki Master




Past life HU Past life story Hungarian  Conservation of energy Conservation of energy Finnish  Universe First LawUniverse First Law


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