Special thanks


I would like to specially thank all people who supported me in many ways: especially for my family all my life and Dr. Mikao Usui after 1993.


Special thanks to Benedek M. Diana for being my good friend and a teacher. Thank you very much for your wisdom and humour still shining in my heart.


Special thanks to Csaba Szilvay (Bartók - Kodály Music System Teacher) for being my good friend. Thank you for supporting me with your shining humour in various life situations.


Special thanks to Dr. Rudas Eva for good teaching ( Magyarországi Reiki Egyesület ) .


Special thanks to Gábor Rakonczay for beautiful graphic design for my Reiki web site.


Special thanks to Josef Rakonczay for being my good friend and a teacher, and opening for us 4 elements meditation.


Special thanks to Richard (Rick) Riward /Canada/ for supportive information on Reiki history and being a good teacher. Thank you for a good quality Reiki material for my web site.


Special thanks to Andrew Bowling for being kind, open and supportive with special Reiki material for my web site.


Special thanks to Asunam Pope for being kind, open and supportive with special Reiki material for my web site.


Special thanks to Ole Nydahl Lama for spiritual support, teaching and good resonance. Thank you for explaining us in Helsinki the “last essence” of Buddhist philosophy.


Special thanks to Löpon Chechu Rimpoche lama for giving us special blessing and meditation techniques.


Special thanks to Larry Williamson, Huna shaman, for friendly and spiritual support.


Special thanks to Dr. Terjek Josef professor of Tibetan language for spiritual support.


Special thanks to Körösi Csoma Sándor (date) for making Tibetan teachings available to Western society. He was the first one from the Western world to create first Tibetan – English, Tibetan - Hungarian Dictionaries.


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Whit out these people, these web pages would not exist like this. 

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