Blue Angel in Heaven Diana Magdolna Benedek

Clairvoyant Reiki Master

Kék Angyal - Sininen Enkeli  

Reikikurssit   Reiki

Diana was Enlighten woman and Clairvoyant of all Dimensions

1994.március 14. REIKI II.beavatásomon

Benedek M. Diana Radiance Technique Reiki Master this time "The Blue Angel"

Me and Diana 1994 marc, She was smile why so important for me that time the Photo!

Good to know that was the last Photo whit Diana and me!


The Angel Star

Diana was a Reiki Master of The Radiance Technique. She was both a RAI Reiki Master as well as an International Bioenergetics Professor. According to the German International Bio energy test, Diana was proved to be a Clairvoyance of all dimensions. She was able to talk to grids, spirits and other creatures of all dimensions. The Blue Angel, she was always in spiritual peace and tranquillity.

She used to work in the Central Post Office in Budapest as a phone central worker. Diana used to speak only French, although she was able to read other people’ Minds. She had a wonderful sense of humor and used to make lively jokes to those whose minds where open to her…

She was also able to see clear Future. As a matter of fact, she was open to the Space and Eternity , her Mind was and still is free and out of time boundaries ...

Once I remember Diana told me: “I see that you might face misfortune with your car in Gdansk city while going back to Finland…she smiled and said: “don’t worry – eventually everything is going to be all right”. Everything went the same way Diana predicted. Close to the Gdansk city in Poland our car got broken. We tried to find the auto service, and tried to look around…it appeared to be very close and helpful; the car was ready to move further already in about one hour. We were very happy about the circumstances and arrived to Helsinki in time and with a pleasant feeling.

Once, while healing me first time (that time I was seriously suffering asthma), I discovered her ability to read thoughts and truly understand people’ minds… That time I was waiting for my turn… Diana was healing a woman. I was quietly sitting behind. My thoughts were a bit arrogant: “she seems to be friendly and nice, but so fat…”. I noticed her smiling face looking straight on me as if she was reading my thoughts. I even got embarrassed for couldn’t interpret her smile and behaviour... A week later while being on her session I thought of Diana and her ability to heal people and bring kindness and light to the world…And she heard me again: “if you feel like learning it, please join our Reiki I class…” – she said. I wondered even more…how could she know my deep thoughts.

And only couple of weeks later I got to know for sure about her talent to read people’ minds….

Oh my Good !!! She told me later that she found my thoughts to be always interesting, curious and funny. “You are a good person and always funny” – she said. :)

What wondered me most was my asthma, it was gone after 6-7 heeling sessions… My family was very happy. My doctor was amazed and couldn’t believe his eyes… A miracle! – he said.

I’ve never seen in my life anyone kinder and more open-hearted than Diana. She was the one who was able to explain our Universe with simple and for all understandable words…her memory is always alive within our hearts…… yes she was a miracle Woman

Text: Attila Kupi Csaba

My first Reiki Master and one of my best Friend Benedek Magdolna Diana The Blue Angel