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What is the final destination in Reiki?


Enlightenment is the final destination in Reiki. Enlightenment is unit with the Truth.


What does it mean to be enlightened?


Everyone would like to know what means to be enlightened. But only some get enlightened.


One of my friends Rakonczay Josef (click here, see pictures) has some experience in it. He says: “it is when you are everything, you know everything, and you are there where your mind goes…” I asked if I would think I’d go to one of New York’s street, shall I feel and see everything as if physically I’m there. He smiled and answered that I won’t feel physical presence there but you’ll know simultaneously what the butcher on the right side of the street, the cat, walking down the left side of the street, and the trees around think. It is total awareness. Many things you feel can not be put in words, but can be sensed otherwise…But when you come back to the physical state of mind, you feel yourself very small in compare with your big spiritual state of mind.


What is Reiki?


Reiki is the way to develop oneself spiritually and find the Truth. Reiki is also one of the highest levels of yoga mind.


The founder of Reiki is Mikao Usui. He founded Reiki system, being the enlightened man, at the beginning of XX century.


How does Reiki work?


Reiki is a system of arising energy through hands, or so called “hand healing” system. However Reiki has much deeper spiritual meaning. Reiki practices give a chance to heal oneself on various levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. Hence, Reiki system can be used by people on different levels of conscientiousness, and is a good system for integrated spiritual development.


How one can use Reiki energy in healing?


There are two ways of using Reiki for healing. They are the following: healing by hands (“tangible” way). One gets first Reiki practices (Reiki 1, beginner level). This technique can be used also later, on more advanced levels, together with Reiki Mantras.


Another way in Reiki system is distance healing. This level is more advanced. It gives one a chance to heal people in different places, time, past lives and in future.


What can once do with Reiki energy?


Reiki is a good system for sending energy to people, animals, plants, stones (crystals) and places. Reiki cleans places and aura (human energetic field) from negative energy vibrations.


With Reiki one is able to “create” future by sending energy for thoughts realisation.


Reiki is also an integrated mediation system. Through advanced meditation level one can “plant” your wishes. In deep meditation it is necessary to reach Akasha energy level (the fifth element, for further information on the question and special practice, click here 4 elements course).


How one can learn Reiki?


The best way to learn Reiki is at Reiki school through “teacher – student” individual contact (according to ancient esoteric traditions).

Distant teaching (through) the Internet is suggested better for advanced teacher levels. It is due to better energy sensation on the teacher levels.


After Reiki 2 course, one is able to sense energy better. On the Reiki 2 level one gets special practical knowledge for meditation.


What is Meditation?


Meditation is the mental technique to find the Truth, used for spiritual development. This is the way to explore one’s personal microcosm and the Universe. It is the way to find answers on all possible questions in Life.


Meditation is one of the most important parts in Usui Reiki system. Usui got enlightened through special Buddhist meditation techniques.


Why some Reiki schools refuse to teach meditation techniques?


It is a big problem in various schools. Some students which I teach switch from some other Reiki lines…being Reiki 2 practitioners they have no idea about meditation and some necessary traditional Reiki techniques.


Meditation plays a big and important role in my Reiki line. It underlines the essence of Reiki – final point – Enlightenment.


I am happy to have had good teachers in my life. My mediation Masters are both from the Usui Reiki-line and Diamond Way Buddhism line.


I would like to kindly thank and name them: Reiki Master – line: Benedek M. Diana, Dr. Rudas Eva, Rakonczay Josef (Hungarian: Rakonczay József), Richard Rivard; Buddhist line: Lama Ole Nydahl and Lama Löpon Chechu Rimpoche.


What is Leading Meditation Technique (LMT)?


Leading Meditation Techniques is used when a mediation master sends the energy to people meditating around. This technique gives mediating people brighter inner pictures, and helps to understand their inner world better.


Only some Masters are taught this technique. As it known, this technique is not the usual one in “Reiki world”.


LMT is so powerful that when used in body cleaning meditation, for example, some people can even sense this cleaning effect physically.


What if I have headache after meditation, and feel “strange”?


It might happen if one comes out from deep mediation too quickly, or suddenly stops meditation incomplete.

If you feel strange, “out of home”, it means that some part of mind still remains for a while in some other place. That is why Reiki Master’s leading role is so important. His task is to control their outcome from meditation. In case of one being not able to come out oneself, the Master has to use special techniques to bring its student’s mind back to its “normal” state and in harmony.


Who is the Reiki Master?


Reiki Master is the one who got the knowledge and is able to pass powerful Reiki energy flows on. The Reiki Master is the one who can explain and teach “symbols and kotodama (mantras)” and show “how-to-use- them”.


Reiki Master has all possible Reiki and meditation practical knowledge and techniques for self spiritual development, healing objects in the Universe (from crystals to human beings), teaching and spreading his knowledge to others, and for self realisation (enlightenment stage).



What is the difference between some Reiki Masters, Reiki – lines?


Different lines use different ways of Reiki Attunement. Some healing lines call themselves Reiki, though they don’t belong to Usui Reiki system. Usui Reiki Master is the one who follows all Master techniques from Usui teachers, and is able to show Usui line tree (see my line tree, click here).


There exist so called “Reiki” Masters who perform just a formality of Attunement without Reiki energy, or Masters who pass non-Reiki energies on.


Do I need some special knowledge to start Reiki?


No, you do not need. Any one with strong motivation to learn Reiki can learn it.


Handless people may also learn Reiki, and use their feet and mind for healing.


Opening of one’s body channels depends on the Master and his ability to pass Reiki energy on.


What should one do if one decides to learn Reiki at your Internet Reiki Class?


  1.  Send me your personal information:


  1. Download the Skype internet phone program. This program is free of charge. We would need live contact for Leading Meditation practice and Reiki Attunement.


  1. You will have to pay Reiki course fee (see fees here) to my bank account number. When the course is paid in advance, a special (security protected) web site will be open just for your personal use. Information (username, codes) are not allowed to spread, distribute or share with anyone else. If you chose e-Reiki course, this point should be accepted.


  1. Usually, Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 are week-end courses (2-3 days). Reiki Master (A, B) courses duration depends on one’s individual motivation and achievement, as well as ability to show results.


  1. Final stage to become Reiki Master/teacher is to demonstrate one’s ability to pass on Attunement on all levels (from Reiki 1 to 3). When this stage is passed, I am glad to send you the Reiki TMI ® or Gendai Reiki Ho ® Master/teacher certificate.

Usui Reiki FAQ

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