What is Karma?

Karma is simple energy. A lot of people wonder how it works and what it is, and how it is possible to impact one’s present life.

There are a lot of people who explain it in a complicated manner.

However the truth is simpler. That kind of energy which goes out of us the same energy comes back to us. So wherever the energy comes from it always comes back to the same point in the Universe. Albert Einstein was the first man how find out as well the light is turning back.

It is like that: the energy goes out from us and it gets all similar kinds of energy within it, and when it comes back it gives us the same quality of energy we send. That is so simple and the mystery come just this after. <smile>

So there should not be anyone who could judge one’s deeds from positive or negative points of view. 

All these things are done by our energy field activity. Our energy field will care itself of our Karma.

What types of Karma exist?

Personal Karma

 Energy flows out of a person and flows in to the same person back. This is the simple way of Karma.

Family Karma or Group Karma

When couple of people have the same idea and they do something together – that is the group Karma. It may come back for each member of the group at different time, or come to the Group at once, at the same place of being.

State Karma

State Karma is when is the energy positive or negative go so high level the Government and the all Nation know something about it. It can be good or negative.

Good, for example, the English BSE cow sickness. When one of Government doctor gives the attention for Health Ministry, but nobody listens to him. Some of people think that this man worries too much and some of people because of profit they don’t want this information to spread in the world.

Some of people decide that the man has to be quiet. They fired him from the workplace where he had been working for a long time. In order to scare the doctor they tried to damage his property: broke windows of his car and a house, and did many other negative things. So he lost a lot of things.

But for England ten years later they lost a lot of money, and Karma came back. We see that animal sickness breaks out time to time, again and again.

After 2000 basically has only has Personal Karma

This time there in not God state. Not anymore accept God laws! Business groups and secret groups rules the world! Media and news has a full control. Begin the modern slave time like the Bible, Nostradamus and ancestor Hungarian prophecies tell us. Slavery which was start in middle age Bankers and same now! They control food and everything in the State even a State her self. Hard work value they will push down. They create with money always War Situation. Never end because the Satan believers happy when innocent families blow up with a bomb that is they celebrating. And begin the middle age inquisition law our time. Torture law. In the Hungary prophecy that right has a last time low intelligent and dummy leaders get position lot of States. Those states leader accept the Torture law in the Spirit Word wait a bigger punishment. And yes they are dummies if they think Jesus help them. Jesus removed sins that time 2000 years before and told everybody the rules! This time emotional energy field strong, mean bad come more worse, god come more better! Now this time Jesus will rule and punish when opening the seven seals. And do not worry the gasoline will enough to end the world! <smile>

Writer: Attila Kupi


What is Karma - Mind and Karma Energy