Reiki World and the Universe

Lots of people wander why we have in this our World so many countries and various peoples. It happens because our world has different levels of mind.

I think, our world is the best scale to measure the vibration sustain of this Universe. So we have different views on the problem.

Some people are very keen on the our Universe and would like to live spiritual life in harmony with the Universe; other people are not interested in this kind of things at all. They are more dependent on material things. These people are the majority in the world, and hence the progress goes rather slowly. Negative energy destroys everyone and everything. People start to hate other people and nationalities; they create by their thoughts and deeds negative vibration which disturbs our lives, brings out wars and misunderstanding, creates new incurable diseases, and might turn our planet into energetic chaos…

Spiritual World and the Human Mind

The more people concern their spirit and mind, and the Universe the more they move forward up the Universe scale of development and spiritual growth. The more people think about these issues the faster the Earth vibration gets better, and the quicker we develop into more spiritual creatures. Only positive state of mind, spirit and body may create good vibration and work for better. The Universe change into better is only the question of time and of our mutual spiritual work for development.

Truth of the Spirit World

Spirit World is the real world also the true home of human souls. The Spirit World is the answer to the question: Where do we come from and where do we go after we die? Simple we go back there!

Anyway, to discover the Universe is not necessary to use rockets and spaceships, because the physical body is not created for any kind of travelling, the spirit is for these purposes.

While meditating, you are able to discover this Universe and learn more about it; see various hidden things and travel with your spirit. This is the way we have to go…

Another way it is funny that in our world many people dream to meet creatures from other worlds and planets, having problems and misunderstanding with their neighbors, from other races. To my mind, we have to make order on our planet first and then expect positive communication with other worlds.

People have problems with other people who have different skin color. So how we can handle the difference between types of living beings in the Universe?

Trying to get to know the Universe, Hollywood has done a good job. It tried to show a part of the true Universe; however this truth is not realized by everyone. What is the true understanding? Among great mix of Hollywood films, only those people understand the truth, which are able to sense it and realize. Those people made once their minds up and changed…

It is up to everyone to make one’s step towards positive way of thinking and change into better, and then the entire world will face joy, happiness and love…

Reiki World and the Universe text Attila Kupi