This website Reiki Site is dedicated to

Memory of my Mother Magdolna who heart was open to all people and help them. Amazing food she put inside the own energy, so all my friends even couple hundred kilometres come to eat the famous staff chicken! Amazing garden what se has.

Perédi Magdolna

To my Father László how has bin always good humor even the worst communist time, even he was working in office has time to support old Hungary traditions, also never have a sans get a member of communist party, because he was Chanter play organ in our village Catholic Church. <smile>


To my brother Lacika , who is an warrior of One God Army, who was take care about me when I need a help and forget me when I broke her staff! <smile>

Sun Warrior

Me and my Brother taking a countryside shower in the horse drinking trough. We has no more Horses <smile> : the II. War first the Hungary army take one, than a Germany army, than a Russian army.  That way the middle category family get poor, the last go to communist or I must call them in this time the Bankers. They do not like anymore comrade, they are Businessmen now, but they take your money still. 

To my first Usui Reiki Master one of my best friend's Diana Magdolna Benedek, who is at this time The Blue Angel. We has couple incarnation together in this planet we call Earth. Earth from the couple hundred Soul development planets Diana told us this is for Souls the 3rd more difficult place to birth down.  (Spain, Rome empire, Japan.) I heart difference countries Clair voyages write about the blue Angel is an very old Spirit. We have meet with him real life in Hungary, Budapest and like all another high Spirits Buda or Jesus was living a very simple life.

Dr Mikao Usui Reiki Master

To Dr. Mikao Usui Sensei how show me the level what we has to rich in Reiki, guys we really must working out more! <smile> For every one, Usui-Reiki is about love not suffering, the Good God (Jó Isten - Yo) bless everyone how read this and find your way to yourself: Attila Kupi Reiki in English

Ps: We can not some time immediately change situation where we are, but if we try work out our best of that moment, the moment can change her self!

Picture: That is an 2003 year photo I am older and much fatter! <smile>

Also special thanks for all my students, all my Teachers, Friends, Living being in our Universe, the all people I meet ever and Good God our Creator how now I am sore can create anything I experience that, also has a good humor. Of course a small meditation experience maybe will help to empty our Mind, to get near the creating point of Our Universe. Lyuk - Hole correct origin English funny is Holeday and not Holiday. Of course all English language knows that not a Hungarian must tell them. hahaha...  How the e come i in time and history. But still the key in Hungarian Language believe me! <Hermes: Because it conquers every subtle thing and can penetrate every solid. Thus was the world formed.