Why three times chokurei

Reiki 2 Class level

There are many discussions of how much time has to say mantras’ name. At the end, it is true that even one time you say - the symbol is there. But I think that the first idea for the three times is because of the three aura body. One symbol goes to the highest spiritual aura, second goes to the mental aura, and the third one goes to the physical aura. And three times also contact with the three mind levels. Starting with the higher level “Higher Self” and going to the second level – Conscious Mind, and the last level – the Core Mind.

So the symbols make harmony with the three levels of Mind.

For the meditation, for example or when you pray the energy does not go up if they are not harmonised with the whole mind.

That is why, as a conclusion, it is necessary to say mantras three times.

When you heal somebody it is a big difference, depending on the particular technique you use, because you might heal with mantras or just by making the first level Reiki healing.

One of the most important parts of the Usui-Reiki technique for the beginning healers is to use the Mantra technique. You have done your job well when you practise the mantras, the mantras themselves should automatically run out of you.

Mantra contacts you with some of special energy level, and when you repeat it again and again, it makes you energetically more and more powerful.


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