Distant Healing and Death - Healing channel

This text is base on the personal experience of the Reiki Teacher/Master Attila Kupi.

It happened in 1994 when one friend of mine asked me to heal her friend’s husband. By this time I have just finished Reiki 2 level class with Diana M. Benedek. This man had been in coma in a city hospital for a long time.

Doctors predicted this man soon death. Family members had stayed in contact (he gave some signs of life while in coma) with the man before he passed away. I asked my friend to call me in case of the man’s soon death. It was necessary to make me aware of that, because I used to make distant healing for him. I got the following information of the man: a name, a date and a place of birth.

I started this distant healing usually in the evening. In third time of healing I saw some pictures. At first, I saw a hospital steel board (where dead bodies are kept) in a big room on the right. That time I was not very experienced, and I sent Reiki energy with positive program like feelings of happiness, well-being, etc. Now I know that is better to send simply the Reiki energy.   After a short while, I saw the steel board again.  This time one of the iron boxes was open and already with a body. I thought it was just my imagination, still keeping sending healing energy. This time I was not yet able to see clear pictures or hear clear voice.

Eventually, I heard a voice, clearly saying: “Don’t you see that I’m already dead? You don’t need to send any positive program anymore” And I saw a Soul having stopped to the left from me. That all was inner image. 

I told the Soul that I did not intend to interfere into his being. He was not angry with me. But he wandered how I could not get it through his signs and symbolic pictures in meditation. After this I quickly closed the healing channel.

Then I contacted these friends of mine who forgot to make me aware of their relative’s yesterday death. At first, I asked how my patient was. They told me that they were very happy that the man opened his eyes for a short while and looked as if he understood what they were speaking about. And they were able to kiss him good-bye. Then he died.

I told them my story. I told them that it would have been better if they had called earlier, so that neither me nor the man would have wandered and slightly been shocked. They wandered too. <smile>

Distant healing should be stopped as soon as possible after death. After death a Soul can be confused by light coming through Reiki healing while going to “God dimension”.  “God light” and light energy from Healing might seem of same origin.


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