Who actually was Dr Mikao Usui? Why Usuiís life has got a lot of various stories?

Info: Buddha level people born when a place or country has rich the low level of Spiritual life! Two country has too much the wrong site a Horse like we Hungarians tell. One of too right one of too left. We Hungarians prefer you should sit in the middle! <smile> Too much in spirit way is India! They lost a reality of material! Too much material thinking way is Japan. It was call Nippon the Rising Sun name. Soon nobody remember what this mean! Japan from 1900 rich the number one material country in the Earth! So the Buddha level man born they call him Dr Mikao Usui!

Budapest(to correct word is Buda phonetic: budapest.wma | <buda> | - Like Budapest the old king site the city name is Buda the Scythians now they call Hungarians give a name from a Great price and spiritual teacher Buda. City name was give by . In 1873 November 17 the Habsburg dynasty give the Budapest name. They like eradicate the Hungarians root of any Scythian ancestors! )  Phonetic transcription write in English

Tendai samurai tradition

Facts: Usui grew up in a family of strong esoteric Tendai samurai tradition. In life he was a    businessman.  Later he worked for the government and one position involved being a secretary to the Minister of the Post Office.

Along his life path he had been looking for the Truth through beliefs, culture and religion. He was also able to speak several languages.  According to the Gakkai and to the Usui Do training he was searching how to attain his own spiritual goals.  The Gakkai say he had a vision during which he understood what he had to attain.  Afterwards he set out to discover how to do this. He discovered back the Scythian Buddhas and the Partus Jesus secrets of healing though hands and universal (One God) energy.

He was interested in different spiritual and healing techniques. However, he knew Tendai training. He was a lay monk. He had a wife and two children.

In about 1914 he was blessed with enlightenment. This date is still speculation.  The Gakkai say he went to Kurama Yama in March 1922, yet one of his students who is still alive says she was with him from 1920 until he dies and never knew him to go to Kurama Yama.

Usui Do or call in English my System

Dr Mikao UsuiAs a matter of fact, his student (Mariko-Obaasan) says he simply called his method Usui Do or My method.  Later on, just before he dies, some of his students were creating a healing system out of this and I haven't been able to determine Usui's involvement.  They called it Usui Reiki Ryoho.

My answer to the questions: It is usually questioned why Mrs.Takata (the first Reiki practitioner to bring Reiki to the USA) decided to make some changes in Usuiís life story. While meditating on this matter, a simple answer came to my mind.

It is crucial here to get familiar with American historical background and cultural beliefs. Then, the reason for wise Mrs. Takataís approach and final change of Usui ís life story (or, better to say, adaptation to American culture) will become obvious.

That was a time after the War II.

One of the biggest Americanís enemies was Japan. Even though Mrs. Takata was the citizen of the USA, she still faced suspicions towards some Europeans and Japanese. It took the country some time to erase negative feelings and attitudes towards the War II. And she took an active part in changing these negative attitudes by bringing Reiki system to the US. Hence, she came up with an idea to create a new image of Dr. Mikao Usui through changing his life story.

Mrs. Hawayo Takata thought that she was the only one Reiki teacher left in the world. It happened because the only Reiki teachers she had known in Japan were no longer teaching (she was unaware of the Gakkai). That is why, interest and value of Reiki knowledge in Northern American (the whole American continent) society has gradually increased.  It was the only place where Reiki could be achieved.

Since Furomoto and Barbara Ray were Americans and had created Reiki societies early, they were better known. This simple way Reiki became " American ". <smile>

Some people might think that Takata ís approach was not necessary. However, it is significant to emphasize a countryís culture, beliefs, peopleí attitudes and feelings when one brings something new and unusual to this country he starts living in. It applies to Europe too.

Usui became a Christian monk that was another change.

 Apparently, the USA was a Christian country with strong beliefs. Reiki would not have become as popular as it is now in case of its founder being a Japanese samurai. Also, if Usui-Do had remained without changes to Usui Reiki Ryoho, it is doubtful this would have spread as it was not a healing system. A change also took place in Reiki system low levels: strange Buddhist meditation was eliminated.

It is important to note that over the years the name of the village (named Taniai) were Usui was born, got included into a larger district called Miyama-cho. So that it is too small to be found easily by strangers. 

Eventually, Mrs. HavayoTakata story change appeared to be so perfect that first Reiki pilgrims from the West were not able to find any witness or traces of Dr. Mikao Usui ever existence. <smile>

In various Reiki lines there are differences in quality of teaching.

Our Diana Magdolna Benedek Reiki Master West style Reiki, the Radiance Technique ģ Reiki line Dave King and the William Rand line might be considered as highest levels among Reiki teachings.

It is true that Reiki attunement ceremony slightly varies from one Reiki line to another. Takata seemed to have changed the ceremony she learned from Chujiro Hayashi as she was using a different version by the time she trained in 1979 and 1980. Many of the ceremonies in the West differ now.

However, there might be a difference in energetic flow and power of attunement. It is also necessary to mention that some Reiki lines follow more esoteric tradition. In some lines (and ours, too) in Reiki 2 and Reiki Master levels there are stronger demands in quality for techniques and daily life use of Reiki.

Possible problems in some Reiki lines might be the following: in Reiki 1 level, for example, simple and leading energy meditations are not taught. Also in Reiki 2 level the use of mantras and symbols is not sometimes correctly taught.

This text is based on the personal experience of Reiki Master Teacher Attila Kupi.


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