Own way to find own Soul and Spirit

Funny things

This page in really not very much make any difference who are looking for the own way to find own Soul and Spirit. Even the money look like never has problem how want here learn. I have seen a totally money broken man how 2 week later call he has a money for a Master degree and 2 months later has a well paid international job. Also I have seen rich people how has not money for course. Usually this is a first step to warrior who step in the path must work out.

I heard and read a Satanic group tell traditional Usui Reiki must give just free, in fact never was in really life. Even a nuns must has to earn money with work so Usui teach them.  Antichrist websites just like to make really weak all Spirit teacher also suggest is a bad think to get pay for spirit work, like from moral question side. Satanic group yes they usually has some nice coverage job page and job like they help people, sure they do! <smile> Some of group tell God not want to heal people, really? But be realistic even travel gasoline we have to pay for 10 time more what is cost, blablabla sore this go all to Healthcare. :)   I have seen Antichrist groups setup a Reiki and another Jesus healing international organisation. For who use Jesus name to bad sense, god luck for them they will answer to our Universe spirit. I'm sure they will find interesting, when Christ-kereszt will open the seven seals.

And The End I have seen people who ride the course, telling they know they must come here, and when I begin the day I ask why they want to learn TUR, they answer was like this: really please tell me about what a heck is Usui Reiki and what we will do in here? <smile> Finally after tax good we have 30 % from payments. 

1, 1+1, 2+1 - In the Path of Knowledge you should step in side only with bowed head and Honour to all Life Form.

Usui Reiki way is not like going to rose garden and everything just pink. It is a lot work to understand your own Soul. Like our universe wave up and down. What you have inside you and only you can find out! All or any technique just give you a tools. And if those tools you not use is just a money to put out to windows, when you have a Fun.

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