Reiki Course clairvoyant extraordinaire ability

Usually after every Reiki course everybody gets the extra sense ability, like aura sense. But also usually everybody gets different abilities. So you do not have to worry if in Reiki first course you are not able to see this aura. Lots of Reiki masters are able to see only parts of aura. It is because everyone has difference sensitivity.

But usually for everyone after Reiki I course when the Reiki master opens the palm charka the hand gets sensitive feelings. You can feel like your ears in your hand. As for me, it used to be a very strange feeling after the first Reiki 1 course day. I was going by metro inside in Budapest city. A strange situation happened to me. I was sitting in the metro train when the announcement of the next station appeared. That voice resonance inside my palm chakras, and then I understood that it was because of my new extra-sense abilities. I could feel it stronger then anyone else around me. It was that precise feeling which is known as extra volume sound sense.

Next day I told about it my Master Teacher Diana who laughed at me, she knew about it, and that was a good sign for me too. I got a extra sense ability of this kind.

Everyone is able to get extra sense abilities after Reiki courses sooner or later, probably depending on individual energetic sustain. For instance, those people, who are quite sensible from birth, are able to tune themselves easier and faster, and sense various unusual thing as well as to be clear voyage, as one of my Reiki class-mates. She was able to see aura, has aura sense and communicate with higher dimension spirits already at Reiki 2 course.

So the most well-known extra-sense abilities in Reiki are the following:

-          third-eye visions (future foreseeing; ruled dreams, others)

-          extra pain feeling in your hands while other people healing

-          or sensing pain of those who you heal in the same part of your body

-          aura sense

-          spiritual voice hearing ability

-          other dimensions hearing, seeing, sensing

-          clear voyage ability

-          past lives visions through meditations or otherwise

-          etc.

Usually you might think that your spiritual growth doesn’t happen, however it happens, and within some time you realise that you have grown a lot.

Text:  Attila

Copyright Clairvoyant extraordinaire ability and Aura sense Attila Kupi Helsinki Vantaa Finland