Elemental Creatures

Usually you might think that your spiritual growth does not happen, however it happens, and within some time you realise that you have grown a lot. That story happened on the 31st December 2001, the Sylvester Evening. (Important: it happened before drinking any alcohol. <smile>) I was getting ready to go out with my friends after the shower; I came up to the mirror to dress up, and suddenly what I see, an elemental friendly creature close to me. As I tried to see it better, this creature immediately realised my intentions, but did not pay any attention to me.

What are the elementals creatures - ghosts or friends?

They are simple low level energy elemental creatures who have very simple mind level. They use disposal peoples energy. These energies are basically emotional.

It concerns almost everyone and can be understood as the law of the conservation of the energy. With every action we change energy with our environment. We send energy from us, and depending on space and time it comes back to us. The Hungarians call Karma Law, the Tibetans call this phenomenon Karma, so the word karma itself doesn't mean anything negative, although it is usually mentioned with ominous cases. If something bad happens to someone, he/she immediately says that it happened because of the bad karma. The truth is, that we send energy, and it may take several lifetimes from this energy to come back to us. So the energy goes, collects the same types of friends and returns with them. Depending on if it is positive or negative, the result is good or bad. I think this simple example answers the question often asked from me, that what happens if some magician or healer uses his/her skills for some negative. I think a reasonable person won't use his talents to harm him/herself. Anyway I think there are not many playing with energy. Text: Attila Kupi



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